I am the founder of More Light Coaching program - fully tailored coaching program for holistic personal and business development. More Light Coaching combines Coaching techniques, Tai-Chi and Yoga energy management, involving all dimensions: body, mind, and emotions to create what is essential to be healthy, strong, emotionally stable, fulfilled and successful person.

I am the International Professional Coach and Trainer, certified Tai-Chi and Hatha Yoga teacher, Motivational speaker , International, and National Tai-Chi winner and Marathon runner. I have also extended business experience in the various Corporate and multicultural work environments.

I speak fluently English, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian and ex-Yugoslavia languages on the native level. I do Coaching in private one to one, on Skype, Company Coaching and Training, and Group coaching and training.

The main focus of my coaching work is holistic personal and innovative business development. I help people to create what is essential to be healthy, strong, emotionally stable, happy and successful in their professional and daily lives.

Coaching is a professional service which empowers and helps people to successfully make positive changes in their private and professional lives! From how to manage your well-being, to setting and achieving your personal and professional goals, More Light Coaching has tools and methods to help you achieve your goals and make positive changes in your life. By setting specific, measurable and achievable goals, and a realistic time-frame for their achievement, More Light Coaching successfully promotes confidence and self-motivation, leading to increased productivity and personal satisfaction.


Many focus their time and energy fixing the problem, I take a different approach. More Light Coaching is empowerment and solution oriented coaching. I believe that the best way to grow the company is to empower individuals to become their best. I work with entrepreneurs and business executives to help them in:

strengthening their leadership skills

personal and communication skills development and conflict management

successful time management, focus, prioritization and efficient delegation skills

goal development, motivation and team building

successful decision making skills

how to make a positive change

learn simply but very efficient stress management techniques, better manage and handle stress and create better habits and life-work balance.


I also work with individuals and support them to come with the new model of the world and themselves, inspire them to use their talents, creativity, knowledge and strengths, learn practical tools and methods how to translate your (abstract) goals and wishes into concrete actions, plans and practical steps to create more successful, healthier and happier life.

One of my coaching specialties is empowering women especially during career and life changes to participate actively in their own personal empowerment self-care, well-being and renewal.


I am the expert in stress energy management. I have been studying and practicing Tai-Chi, Yoga and Energy principles for years. I can help you to learn simply but very efficient stress management techniques, better manage and handle stress and create better habits and life-work balance. Part of the stress management program is to learn successful Time Management, efficient delegation skills, assertive communication, setting healthy boundaries, time management matrix, planing tasks and on that way better manage your busy time, handle stress and create better habits and life-work balance.

Although I had extended business experience working for various multinational companies, I felt an urge to express my unique gifts and talents and create the career that fills my life with passion, meaning, and purpose.I have founded More Light Coaching and started empowerment based coaching business. I choose the name More Light Coaching as a metaphor for the work I do with my clients to empower them and bring light during coaching process to make it clear that positive change is possible and available the change starts inside

From Business Coaching to Personal Coaching, More Light Coaching is designed to help you were and whenever You need the help. Believe that words have the power to heal and connect, that there is always a choice to be made and that change is always possible if you are committed to that.