Foki Ljiljana, the Founder of More Light Coaching

I am founder of the More Light Coaching program for personal grow and innovative business development. I finished Business Coach postgraduate study at Eotvos Lorand University - ELTE Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology in Budapest, Hungary.




Dear Lili,

Thank you for the session today. Actually I feel more calm, comfortable and balanced. It is like when you learned something and you feel that it is already built in your system and you start to enjoy that you can use it comfortable. Thank you that you helped to find myself today. I enjoy being me and after I wrote the homework, I felt that I can be proud of the past and what I did so far.

Maria, Financial Director

Lili have helped me in a number of ways:

  1. Challenging my thought processes
  2. Helping me find options to resolve business challenges
  3. Giving me positive feedback that I am on the right track in terms of business development

4. Helping me to solidify my thoughts and realize them to take the business forward to hopefully meet my business and personal goals.

Mark, business owner

“I thought moving to Budapest will be easy as I have already done it a few times; however, it turned out to be even harder. This time, no family around. I met Lili randomly at a meet-up event and I am sure there was a reason why she set on my table. I needed help. I started the coaching sessions with Lili with little skepticism, but every time I did go through a session, I felt calmer and lighter as if it was simple as that. Lili is insightful, confident, and strong woman and professional. She challenges me to think why I am the way I am and what is the root cause of each reaction of mine. She listens, understands and reflects the absorbed by helping me find my own direction. Lili forces me to step outside of my own shoes and understand the other side of the conflict and in the meantime makes me dig deeper in myself to find the trigger of this conflict.

She is well balanced, radiating calmness and absolute belief in the strength of mind. She has taught me that good energy comes with good thoughts and happiness lies in the everyday small efforts of finding what is important to me and expressing it in what ever form of art suits my soul. I think teaching myself to make small steps of change is hard, but letting someone help me start taking these steps was harder. Thus, once leaned in, I would highly recommend Lili to anyone who has been wandering on many roads. She knows how to make them intersect as every journey starts and ends from self.”

Marna, Finacial Analyst

What did I get from Lili at a Coaching session? A few weeks ago I made a good conversation with Lili (we can call it as “Coaching”, but it was for me far away more than that). The topic was my career.  I felt so, that I stagnated – full of questions in my mind regarding my actual job. I know my ultimate purpose. Lili highlighted for me that until my final goal, I can and I have to face smaller part-goals. It could be easier for me to climb minor hills than a big mountain. I didn’t get concrete answers for my questions, but I got many good instructions or ideas how to be and stay active instead of being passive in a decision situation. I got fully patience and attention from her. She immediately noticed my body’s and face’s minor moves, or any kind of my meta-communication signs and she reacted with good, relevant questions. With this open-minded, friendly and sincerely attitude she could help me to gain self-confidence and a new viewpoint about my tasks to be solved in connection with my career. Since then I’ve made grate stride in order to make changing. Now, I know where I would like to be and I can be an active participant in my life and not a passive person.

Zsuzsi, Team leader in a bank

Lili coached me regarding my career issue and helped me to learn to help myself! I had confidence and trust in her as a coach!
Probably because my own preferences, I was very impressed with her coaching work and combination of techniques and using variety of coaching tools as well.
After coaching session with Lili (which was longer and not -strict 60 minutes) I felt energetically recharged and in a better mood. Also, I got clear picture and became more conscious about my goals and things which I wanted to do and how to do them. Highly recommended!

Lara, Accountant


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